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Using the Legal System to Achieve Change

Every campaigner engages with the law when fighting for social change but the legal environment is often perceived as; specialist, technical, exclusionary and intimidating.

Proactively using the law has played a critical role in significant campaigns – Heathrow expansion, reproductive rights, air pollution levels and justice for the Hillsborough victims to name a few. This course will help develop confidence in engaging with the law, increase understanding of ways the law can be used innovatively and how to construct the framework for you to consider including the law in your campaign

Participants will:

  • Develop confidence in how to explore integrating legal activities into your work
  • Learn about innovative ways the law can be used
  • An understanding of how the law can be an empowerment tool for your community.
  • Examine the possible ways of using the law. Whether you should consider legal action – or is it not right for your campaign?
  • Be able to add a legal strategy as an additional strategic tool in their campaign planning.
  • Hear from campaigns that have used legal tools as part of a wider strategy.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who wants to consider changing the law as a way to achieve their campaign goal
  • Anyone who wants to empower their community with confidence and legal knowledge
  • Anyone who wants to add legal activity as an additional consideration in their strategic planning.
  • Senior staff and board members who want to consider legal action to bring about change.

Barrister and attorney, Shauneen Lambe, who uses the law as a tool for social justice and whose strategic litigation work has regularly changed the law will deliver this training.

Workshop Dates 

30 Jun 2022 | 14:00-17:00

20 Oct 2022 | 10:00-13:00 

Please note: Our trainings run on a progressive pricing model. Small organisations (with a turnover of under £500,000) pay £80 + VAT, mid-sized organisations (£500,000-£2m) pay £120 + VAT, and large organisations pay £175 + VAT. If you’re a grassroots organisation or can’t afford standard ticket prices, please contact [email protected] to discuss subsidised or solidarity tickets.


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