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Supporting everyone working for social change

If you’ve ever spent time trying to make a difference to the world (‘campaigning’), you’ll know that it is an incredibly effective, exciting and rewarding thing to do. And you’ll know that it can often be tiring, draining and discouraging, too.

That’s why we’re here: to keep today’s campaigners and changemakers energised, supported, connected and powered up to keep on pushing for the change they want to see.

We do this by:

SUPPORTING  you with resources, training and best practice

CONNECTING  you with others

CHAMPIONING  the importance of the work you do; and protecting your right to do it.

We are also deeply committed ourselves to working in deeper solidarity.



Giving you tools to work out what actually works

Social change is complex and making change happen is rarely easy. Resources are limited and trends in campaigning change fast. SMK provides support to help you think and plan clearly in this dynamic context.

Our training and consultancy support is rooted in a unique analysis of how social change happens, and expertise in a wide range of campaign disciplines. We track what’s working in campaigning and horizon scan for new opportunities. We help changemakers explore power dynamics and how to work in deeper solidarity. We offer guidance to help navigate the political and regulatory environment with greater confidence.

SMK’s core team works alongside our Associates and other partners who are best in their field.​ A wide range of our practical resources and support is available on-line.

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Putting you in touch with others working in your space

Too often, social change ends up being a lonely pursuit. 63% of the campaigners we worked with in the last 5 years agreed that they ended up ‘so heads down in busywork that I can’t meet other people who would really help me’. Campaigns are powerful when we work together towards shared goals.

Campaigners and changemakers stretch right across society – from people working from their own first-hand experience and without resource, right through to big national and international NGOs.

The social change ecosystem includes those working with personal development and training through to community organising, from movement building and public protest through to influencing policymakers and using the law for change.

Learning to work together across difference is hard, but it’s a critical challenge of our time. We need everyone – and all kinds of knowledge and expertise – to tackle the issues we face. That’s why SMK works to connect the diverse campaign communities we serve – to find common cause where it exists, and to better understand our differences – to deepen solidarity and unleash power for change.

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Protecting your right, and the space, to campaign

It’s important that you have the freedom and confidence to make change. SMK protects and champions both.

Campaigning and political advocacy are crucial features of a healthy democracy. That’s why SMK works to protect your space to campaign – calling on politicians to uphold your right to speak out, clearing away unreasonable barriers.

We listen to campaigners’ experiences and respond with advice to help you navigate political and regulatory complexity – allowing you to hold that space with confidence.

As a champion for civil society’s role in reform – one that can achieve transformational, long-term, and sometimes radical change – we bring together charities, pressure groups, faith organisations, trade unions, and more. Together, we can advocate for the value and legitimacy of campaigning and speaking out in a healthy democracy.

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