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Helping you unleash
your social power

Part think tank, trainer, convener,
and champion, SMK is facilitating
a new approach to civil society – the
people and organisations outside
of government and business.

Change often begins in civil society. We believe it has the potential to
drive deeper and longer-lasting change – in one person’s life or our entire
society – if it works at its best and without unreasonable constraint.

We call this Social Power. 

We unleash civil society’s Social Power by being curious about how change
happens, by building its confidence and effectiveness, and by championing
campaigners and campaigning.

We are passionate, single-minded, and tenacious. We think like campaigners:
we analyse problems, find ways to overcome them, and bring people with us.
We use our independence to stand up against those who put barriers and
constraints in the way. Social justice drives our approach, and we are committed
to using our own power to create greater equity. We work right across civil
society, from those campaigning from their front rooms to those in the offices
of global organisations.

Campaigners need someone to support and campaign for them too. And that’s SMK.

Our strategy aims to unleash Social Power by working in three core ways:

3-icons: Champions - Think tank - Capacity builders

Together, these three roles allow us to be a catalyst – helping Our new vision is: people and organisations drive positive and inclusive social change.

We work right across civil society, from unpaid volunteers to big national and international organisations. We bring a wide view of social change and power, offering tools to aid clear thinking and sound strategy in what are complex and dynamic systems.

We work in close collaboration with those who are experts in their disciplines, as well as other sector bodies. Our USP – and our value to others – is our clear focus on social change.

Capacity builders

We are capacity builders.

We are capacity builders. 

We strengthen our sector by developing its knowledge, skills and confidence in campaigning and social change. We do this by providing resources, and supporting people and organisations directly through our training and consultancy services.

Think Tank

We are a think tank

We are a think tank. 

We gather strategic intelligence on how change is happening, innovate new approaches and tools, and encourage closer
collaboration around shared goals. As well as our ongoing tracking of how change happens, we undertake deep enquiries such as our current Power Projec


We are champions

We are champions. 

We stand up for civil society’s role and value, defending civic space and the right to campaign. We celebrate the very best campaigns and campaigners each year at the SMK National Campaigner Awards.

Find out what we’ve been up to 

Our vision is a more confident and powerful civil society in which people work together to drive social change.

SMK Review  document
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We have an extensive network of Associates – leading campaigners, organisers and commentators. They support the delivery of our training, coaching and consultancy.

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Staff and trustees

Our small team of staff work alongside a network of associates and an active board of Trustees.

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Who was Sheila McKechnie?

A self-described ‘fully paid–up member of the awkward squad’, Sheila combined a grasp of detail with passionate campaigning.

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Jobs and volunteering

Look here for opportunities to support our work as a staff member, volunteer, Associate or Trustee.Read more >

Watch this year’s virtual awards ceremony

Watch SMK’s Year in View presented by Rashid Nix

Latest Impact Report and Annual Accounts

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Annual Accounts


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survey results

Annual Accounts 2020

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Annual Accounts 2019

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Latest Impact Report and Annual Accounts

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Annual Accounts 2018

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SMK Triennial Evaluation 2016 – 2019

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We are a Living Wage Employer

We are an accredited Living Wage Employer. This means that every member of staff at SMK earns at least the Living Wage for their area, a rate set independently and updated annually, based on the cost living in the UK. Find out more about the Living Wage at livingwage.org.uk.

Who we work with


If you have a role in creating social change, we want to work with you. From large charities to small community-based organisations, from trade unions to funders. We also work with companies who want to ensure that their contribution to social change is more than window-dressing.

Royal College of Nursing
Local Trust
Paul Hamlyn Foundation
London Youth
The Social Power approach is immediately useful and dynamic. It’s increasingly transformative in the work we do.

Emily Oliver
Managing Director, Positive Negatives

Brilliant course. I learned so many new skills, great balance of theory and practice, fantastic way to build a network of campaigners.

Influencing Change 2019

This was one of the best award events I’ve ever attended. Inspiring winners, moving stories and a room full of positive people with big hearts.

SMK 2019 National Campaigner Awards

The Social Change Project

How change is happening in the UK today

How civil society is driving change today and how the most effective change makers think and behave.

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Power Project

Transform power, build solidarity, make change.

How can social sector organisations take action to build solidarity in social change?

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