Social Power Podcast

How does change happen? In public opinion, legislation, our behaviour, our communities, or just one person’s life? That’s our question.

We bring together change-makers, campaigners, activists and agitators to discuss the different ways that change has been created. What worked? What didn’t? How much was planned? What can we learn with perfect hindsight?

The Social Power podcast is often recorded in front of an audience at the Sheila McKechnie Foundation, as part of our Change Network event series.

Messing with the ‘constitutional plumbing’: law, politics & implications for civil society

Game Changers: The Transformation of Women’s Sport

Extinction Rebellion

Irish Abortion Referendum

Divesting from Fossil Fuels: Hitting oil companies where it hurts – their reputation

Social power, local change: Campaign to Save the Joiners Arms

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act