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Too often, social change ends up being a lonely pursuit. 63% of the campaigners we worked with in the last 5 years agreed that they ended up ‘so heads down in busywork that I can’t meet other people who would really help me’. Campaigns are powerful when we work together towards shared goals.

Campaigners and changemakers stretch right across society – from people working from their own first-hand experience and without resource, right through to big national and international NGOs.

The social change ecosystem includes those working with personal development and training through to community organising, from movement building and public protest through to influencing policymakers and using the law for change. 

Learning to work together across difference is hard, but it’s a critical challenge of our time. We need everyone – and all kinds of knowledge and expertise – to tackle the issues we face. That’s why SMK works to connect the diverse campaign communities we serve – to find common cause where it exists, and to better understand our differences – to deepen solidarity and unleash power for change.  

Kush Kanodia holding his 2024 National Campaigner Award for Campaigner of the Year

SMK National Campaigner Awards

Our Awards bring change-makers together to share and build knowledge for effective change-making.

The Awards are one of the ways we demonstrate and celebrate the value of campaigning.

Shadows of people on the pavement

Community Noticeboard

This community noticeboard is for you!

We believe that strong communities have a foundation of generosity and giving to each other. We hope this space will be useful when you have something you would like to share.

Connecting the campaign community through action learning sets

In October, we are partnering again with charity co-founder and action learning set facilitator Josephine Knowles to run a new series of sets for CEOs, for senior leaders, and for emerging leaders in campaigning organisations. This new series will build on SMK’s experience of running action learning sets at diverse levels since autumn 2023.

‘Being part of this action learning set has been amazing. This isn’t about learning about how to do campaigns, its about being part of a community of people who are trying to make change happen and support each other. Creating space on reflecting on what’s going well, what’s not going well, what’s tough and how you might be better.’ (2023 participant)

Josephine Knowles

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