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We are curious about how social change is happening, hosting a constant, evolving conversation about how to unleash social power. By bringing change–makers together to deepen our shared understanding, we generate insights and tools to help others.

We explore examples of change to see what makes them succeed or fail. We commission and support projects to explore particular aspects of change in depth. If you are a change-maker, these resources are created by and for you.

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Our latest blogs

Do you have a story to share? Contribute your insights about social change and civil society on our blog

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The Social Power Podcast

People come together to explore change. How did it feel? What did it look like? What can we learn?

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Using law for social change

The law is a crucial element in the change eco-system. It has played a critical role in significant campaigns.

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Tools that drive social change

The Social Change Project includes insights and tools to help anyone working for transformative change.

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Deepen your knowledge about change

Keen to take your learning even further? Here are resources we think are well worth a read or listen.

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How do we share power?

Explore power-sharing in social change with our discussion guide, plus recommended reading and listening.

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Changemakers’ Toolkit 

With the support of Wikimedia UK, SMK has launched an open access toolkit to empower people to campaign effectively. 

We know that campaigners, activists, and changemakers of all types are stepping up to address injustices, improve conditions in their communities, and draw attention to neglected issues. That’s why we’ve launched the Changemakers’ Toolkit, a free online training resource.

Read our joint blog here to find out more about this unique collaboration.

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