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Helping campaigners to thrive

Campaigning is vital to a healthy society. We help campaigners to thrive.

In a free and hopeful society, people need to know they have the power to make a difference: that they are able to envisage change and can push for that change to happen.

For nearly two decades, we have helped all sorts of individuals, causes and charities to find their power as changemakers – as campaigners.

What we exist to do


We support, connect and champion these campaigners, equipping them to go after the social change they seek.

And we see the difference it makes. The people we’re lucky enough to come into contact with – through our training, our awards, our research and our networks – do extraordinary things. They dream of a different world, and then they bring it about.

They inspire us, and others, to hold on to the hope that comes from knowing that change is possible.

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Giving you tools to work out what actually works.

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Putting you in touch with others working in your space.

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Protecting your right, and the space, to campaign.

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Our training, consultancy, free tools and resources can help you campaign more effectively

Find out how we can SUPPORT you 

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Join our community, share knowledge, offer mutual support and be part of SMK’s research and annual Awards.

Find out how to CONNECT with us and others

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Our work ensures your right to campaign is valued and protected.

Find out how we CHAMPION campaigning and campaigners. 

Watch our film ‘Change Unfolding’.


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