Emma Stevens, Hope for the Future

Sarah is the Events Officer at Hope for the Future, a national climate communication charity based in Sheffield. Hope for the Future supports constituents to meet with their local MP to have more meaningful and effective conversations about climate change.

The campaign
The campaign aimed to put on a series of high-profile constituency events to change the hearts and minds of MPs on climate action. Local community events are an important tool in raising national public awareness and generating the political will necessary to reduce UK emissions. Over the last two years, they’ve worked with 11 MPs on events covering topics that range from solar energy to seasonal change, faith-based climate action to fracking and from diversity to divestment. These events have also been attended by almost 1000 people, helping constituents to hold their elected representatives to account on climate change. This has helped them to facilitate greater political action amongst MPs on climate mitigation and facilitate greater constituency support for climate action.

”Surround yourself with a really inspiring and supportive team that shares your vision for change!”


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