Want to know about the impact that SMK training and support can have on you, your organisation and your change-making? See the campaigner stories below.

Elsie Gayle

Independent midwife, Honouring the Mother/Midwife Dyad campaign

Elsie knows a thing or two about childbirth. As a midwife, she has helped countless mothers through often difficult journeys, and herself experienced a very traumatic birth with her own baby in the late 1980s. Circumstances meant that her baby required urgent and early delivery, but her request for a caesarean section was initially declined, leading to severe complications and months of follow up care.

Fran Boait

Executive Director, Positive Money  

Fran studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and went on to complete a PhD researching carbon dioxide storage. She became interested in economics and money creation after realising that the huge environmental and inequality crises we face could not easily be fixed without rethinking how the current economic system works, and how to redesign it.

Michael Chandler

Programme Director, Cardboard Citizens.

Michael’s interest in social issues began as a child, growing up with a mother who made human rights documentaries. Working as a DJ on a pirate hip-hop station and studying Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) cemented this interest, particularly with respect to the issues of homelessness and marginalisation.

Cellina Momodu-Doswell

Vice Chair of Residents, Edmonton Angel Community Together (REACT)

Cellina got into campaigning because she saw how her community in Upper Edmonton was being denied vital services and resources offered to other affluent parts of the borough. She says she is inspired by “campaigners with little or no funding but with dogged determination to make a change for the better”, and she is – without a doubt – one of them.

Heather Kennedy

Campaign’s Manager, Fair Funerals

Previous to joining Fair Funerals, Heather worked in media and communications for equalities charities. She was also a writer and editor for Women’s Views on News. Outside of work, Heather is involved in housing campaigning, supporting private tenants to understand and enforce their rights. She is a campaigner at heart.

Bryan Gould

Campaigner, Black Country Neurological Alliance (BCNA)

In October 2016, Bryan set out on a personal fundraising challenge to walk 500 miles in 365 days – a goal made all the more impressive because he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in 2006. But he wasn’t only walking for himself. Just three years after Bryan’s diagnosis, his wife found out she had multiple sclerosis. Ever since, Bryan has been campaigning to improve the health and social care support available for those with neurological and neuromuscular conditions and to influence positive change.

Sarah Wayman

Local Campaigns Manager, The Children’s Society

Sarah began campaigning as part of her university’s students’ union, and hasn’t looked back since. She went on to work for the National Union of Students, where she ran campaigns focused on better support for students with childcare responsibilities, improvements to student housing, and promotion of better community relations.

Influencing Change

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