Self-care for change-makers

Campaigning can be stressful and it takes its toll on all of us. It is essential for our own mental health, and for the needs of those we campaign for and with, that we exercise self-care.

Wed 9th December | 10:00-13:00 | £90

The aim of this three-hour online workshop is to ensure that we are all able to take care of ourselves and those around us. This workshop will be run by our associates at Bird Movement – experts in resilience.

Participants will:

  • Learn tips and tools for self-care
  • Gain an understanding of their rights in the areas of mental health and wellbeing in a challenging workplace.
  • Develop plans for their own resilience.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone whose campaigning activity can be stressful and demanding
  • Those who line manage campaigners who wish to understand how to better manage their staff’s wellbeing.
  • Board members interested in the best techniques to ensure wellbeing throughout a campaigning organisation.

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