Community organising

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This workshop will develop your understanding of how to work in communities, bringing people together on a local basis to achieve a common goal. 

Community organising is an incredibly powerful way of making sure that you can achieve change at a local level. It combines effective leadership with empowering and building lasting communities of change. Communities that are then self-led. To be an organiser, you have to learn to let go of and share your power. 

Three things you will do in this workshop: 

  • Understand the principles of community organisation and how to apply them in practise 
  • Look at the tools others have used successfully to achieve change 
  • Hear about best practice and lessons from experienced community organisers

Our Open Workshops run on a progressive pricing model:

Small orgs: turnover of £10k – £100k = pay £88 plus VAT
Med orgs: turnover of £100k – £1M = pay £132 plus VAT
Large orgs: turnover of £1M to £10M = pay £192.50 plus VAT

If you would like to speak to someone further, please email

Workshop Dates

Tues 5th Nov 2024 2-5pm
Tues 4th March 2025, 10am-1pm
Tues 3rd June 2025, 2-5pm

Shaista Aziz

Dami Makinde

SMK Associate 

This workshop is led by SMK Associate and experienced community organiser, Dami Makinde. 

Read more about Dami here

What participants say:

Jennifer Laws

Holly Rothwell

Campaigner, Oxfam GB

‘’Some really useful tips around working with communities, including the time you should allocate to working with different types of community members. I thought the whole thing was brilliant’’.

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