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The Resilient Campaigner

Campaigning is challenging and it takes its toll on all of us. Dealing with difficult social issues and personal stories on a daily basis. Working in a hostile policy environment where change is hard and contested. Having to sell campaigns to sceptical stakeholders. These are just some of the ways campaigning can test us. It is essential for our own mental health, and for the needs of those we campaign for and with, that we build resilience and take care of ourselves.

Self-care is in itself a form of activism. Paying attention to our struggles, finding spaces to share, and learning strategies to maintain resilience is all part of the process. This three-hour online workshop offers you the opportunity to do just that. This workshop will be run by our associates at Bird  – experts in resilience.

Participants will:

  • Learn tips and tools for self-care.
  • Gain an understanding of their rights in the areas of mental health and wellbeing in a challenging workplace.
  • Hear how peers maintain resilience and energy in their work.
  • Develop plans for their own resilience.

Who is this training for?

  • Anyone whose campaigning activity can be stressful and demanding, and who recognises self-care is a form of activism.
  • Those who line manage campaigners who wish to understand how to better manage their staff’s wellbeing, and to create a more resilient workforce.
  • Board members interested in the best techniques to ensure wellbeing throughout a campaigning organisation.

*Please note this session is an opportunity for personal reflection around resilience, we do this with the understanding that often systems and cultures we work and live within can make it hard to implement self-care strategies and that it isn’t only the individual’s responsibility to be well.

This workshop will be led by Gemma Houldey from Birda resilience organisation working with anyone in the not-for-profit or public sectors. Through 1:1 coaching and webinars they help individuals and groups identify areas of low resilience, and find ways to grow, feel more energised, feel more empowered and feel well. They are a team of 13 coaches and facilitators with first-hand experience of burn out and resilience building. They work in an inclusive, experiential way creating sustainable positive change to those they support.

Workshop Dates 

12 Jul 2022 | 14:00-17:00 

27 Sept 2022 | 10:00-13:00 


Please note: Our trainings run on a progressive pricing model. Small organisations (with a turnover of under £500,000) pay £80 + VAT, mid-sized organisations (£500,000-£2m) pay £120 + VAT, and large organisations pay £175 + VAT. If you’re a grassroots organisation or can’t afford standard ticket prices, please contact [email protected] to discuss subsidised or solidarity tickets.

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