It’s time to hand more power to the people

The scale and ubiquity of mass and social media have boomed over the past 30 years. We can connect with like-minded people on the other side of the planet, share our personal stories with millions and break a global news story from our phones. Yet civil society hasn’t really cracked a way in which to

Is the Lobbying Act working against people’s democratic participation?

At a recent forum of civil society and business, Matthew Hancock, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, told charities “I want to see civil society recover its confidence to speak into our public life, you have the right to campaign, to persuade the public, and to press for change in the systems

Measure this! Making the most of your evaluation.

Mary loved art, but at 82 she hadn’t picked up a paintbrush for decades. Then she was invited to a painting session with artists in her care home. A few months later, she sifted through dozens of paintings that she had made – beautiful, dramatic pieces. Painting had invigorated her; it made her reconnect with

The Lobbying Act ‘chilling effect’: reality or perception?

Whether you love it, hate it or simply don’t get it, the Lobbying Act is the ghost at the feast. For some it has been unwelcome, even scary. Others like its greater transparency. Many find it nebulous and hard to pin down. (OK, you’ve now stretched that metaphor to its limit – Ed)

Five reasons to be cheerful about young people and social change

We discussed the role of young people in social change at the latest Social Change Project event. Despite the snowy weather, we were energised by the debate with young people and those who work with them. Here are my five reasons to be cheerful, inspired by our conversations:

So Rob Wilson, just who is being partisan here?

The former charities minister, Rob Wilson, hasn’t pulled his punches since losing his seat last year. In a recent Daily Telegraph column, he accused Oxfam of disappearing up its own “morally righteous posterior” for issuing a tweet that said “we have an extreme form of capitalism that only works for those at the top”.