Making your organisation
change ready

You’re committed to making change, but are you ready to? Does your organisational structure and culture support your change-making at an individual, team and organisational level? We can work with you to make that happen.

We can help you develop and maintain a ‘change-ready’ organisation. We’ll work with all of your people to prepare them for change and help them to embrace it. We work with you to make change exciting – not scary. Something to be pursued, not fought or feared.

We’ll help you to rewire your organisation’s ‘change brain’

We will work with staff at all levels to ensure that you are able to pursue, influence and build support for the change your mission requires. We want everyone to be on board and pulling in the same direction, so will work with your teams in a comfortable and safe way to make that happen.

We can do this because we have done the research into what works. Our ground-breaking work into social change created the concept of ‘Social Power and revealed what makes successful change-makers tick.

Using our Social Change Grid and the 12 Habits of Effective Change-Makers framework we will look at your strategic approach and how it is mirrored and implemented throughout the organisation. We will bring the best of our understanding of change to you and help every person in your organisation to feel a part of the future you are trying to build.

Our support might include:

  • Staff training or mentoring
  • Member or volunteer relations review
  • Internal facilitation
  • Power mapping
  • Community organising support

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