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We help you make the change you want to see happen.

That means we’re free to work with campaigners on all sorts of issues – from saving libraries to protecting the planet. If you’ve got a change you care enough to campaign for, we can work with you to make it happen (as long as your wished-for change won’t threaten others’ rights, freedoms or dignity, of course).

In recent years, most of the people who have wanted our help have been involved in some aspect of social and climate justice. But we go wherever people are energised to campaign for change.

And we also campaign ourselves – in support of the things we stand for. We are passionate about:

We are also deeply committed ourselves to working in deeper solidarity.


SMK’s commitment to solidarity and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

SMK is here for people trying to make lasting social change. Many of the change-makers we work with are trying to shift interconnected systems of inequality, which we know are replicated in organisations, like ours, that are working to change them.

Read about our commitment to solidarity and equity, diversity and inclusion here.

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