A fresh view on the world and your change role

How does change happen? What role can you play? What are the drivers that will affect the kind of change you want to see and the trends that will influence the impact you can have?

We will work with you to understand the context in which your work sits. Together, we can explore external trends and drivers in order to review and refresh your change strategy. We can help you look not just at your own change-making but understand the wider ecosystem in which it sits.

We can work to your priorities, capacity and ambition

We can work with one team or convene across your entire sector to see the bigger picture. We can help you better understand the context in which the change you seek exists. Locating the impetus for change is essential, but it can only truly happen in an environment that is ripe for transforming. Understanding that environment and what might make it ready for change is an essential part of any campaign planning.

We’ll help you develop a strategic vision for impacting, disrupting and making transformational change.

We can build your organisational ability to think strategically in pursuit of change. Our relentless curiosity keeps our intelligence and analysis up to date. We share the latest evidence of how change happens and help you to develop the best and most effective strategy possible.

Our support might include:

  • Mission statement and goal setting
  • Organisational and structural review
  • Activity, capacity and resource mapping
  • Strategic capacity building

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To help us understand how we can help you better achieve change, please complete our consultancy form and return it to info@smk.org.uk. To download the form, please click the button below.

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