Commissioned Training 

Tailored to meet your needs

We can tailor our training to build the capabilities your organisation needs. Choose from a wide range of campaigning skills and knowledge to match the areas you are looking to specifically develop.

We understand the nature of change and change-makers. Our staff and Associates have a broad range of expertise and experience. We can work with you to design training explicitly for your team or organisation, and even to focus on a campaign you are already running or have planned.

From the latest insights into how change happens, to building your campaigning skills, to understanding the political landscape, let us know how we can help you develop.

Train the whole team together – or the whole organisation 

We believe that training must be flexible and adapt to your needs. We know that every organisation needs a different approach to bolstering the skills, knowledge and confidence of staff and volunteers.

We’ll work with you to design the best possible training package for your team or organisation, entirely crafted to suit your needs. We can deliver one-off events or an entire skills programme. Here are just some of the areas we cover:


  • How does social change happen?
  • Planning and evaluating for change
  • Influencing locally and in Westminster
  • Mass mobilisation in the age of Covid
  • Working alongside people who have ‘lived experience’ of an issue
  • Communicating for change
  • Getting your voice heard (public speaking workshop)
  • Self-care for change-makers

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