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When restrictions started to lift and people could meet in pubs and gardens, why not in a maternity setting?

The Campaign

#ButNotMaternity was a social media campaign started by doulas at The Birthbliss Academy. During the first months of the pandemic, they noticed that more and more clients were unable to have doula support, or even the support of their partners, during labour. Seeing the trauma and anxiety this caused, Birthbliss decided to take action. When restrictions started to lift after the first lockdown and people could meet in pubs and gardens, why not in a maternity setting where it is essential to the mental health of the whole family?  

Since then, #ButNotMaternity has grown into collective of volunteer campaigners and organisations. They all aim to ensure that maternity restrictions in the UK are evidencebased and proportionate to the risk of birth trauma, as well as Covid-19. 

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Sponsored by Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust (Need to add in logo) Seek to bring about significant changes in the political system, making it more accountable, democratic and transparent and to rebalance power for the well-being of society.

The Change

Since August 2020, the collective has drawn national attention to the inconsistent treatment of thousands of womenBy September, NHS England had issued a new framework to help Trusts reintroduce access for partners, visitors and other supporters of pregnant women. But that was just the start. 

60 MPs signed a letter calling for partners to be allowed at births and scans, and #ButNotMaternity called for clearer guidance to Trusts on removing restrictions on partners or other supporters. By December 2020NHS England had further updated its national guidelines. 


The Future

As restrictions across the UK once again begin to lessen, there is still no clear national roadmap in England for when maternity restriction will drop. #ButNotMaternity say they won’t stop campaigning until they are all lifted, in line with other restrictions across the country.

Who else was involved?

  • BirthBliss Academy and all of their doulas 
  • Holly Avis 
  • Abbi Leibert 
  • Sadie Wild 
  • Julie Ann Crowley 
  • Developing Doulas 
  • Jess Celestine 
  • All parents across the UK who have publicly shared their stories 
  • AIMS 
  • Birthrights 
  • Doula UK 
  • Make Birth Better 
  • Pregnant then Screwed 
  • Alicia Kearns 
  • Samantha Gadseden 
  • Sarah Rees 
  • Kate Lawler 
  • The Fatherhood Institute 
  • Scott Mair 
  • The Queer Birth Club