Using the legal system to achieve change

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This workshop will develop your confidence in engaging with the law through assessing innovative approaches, and helping you construct a framework to consider including the law in your campaign. 

The legal environment is often perceived as specialist, technical, exclusionary and intimidating. Yet proactively using the law has played a critical role in significant campaigns including protesting against the expansion of Heathrow airport and air pollution levels; campaigning to protect our reproductive rights, and for justice for the Hillsborough victims to name but a few.  

4 things you will do in this workshop: 

  • Learn about innovative ways the law can be used 
  • Develop an understanding of how the law can be an empowerment tool for your cause or community 
  • Examine the possible ways of using the law. Whether you should consider legal action – or is it not right for your campaign? 
  • Explore successful examples of campaigning through the law  

Find out more about using the law to achieve change in this blog 

Our Open Workshops run on a progressive pricing model. Small organisations (with a turnover of under £500,000) pay £80 + VAT; Mid-sized organisations (£500,000-£2m) pay £120 + VAT; and Large organisations pay £175 + VAT. If you would like to speak to someone further, please email [email protected].

Workshop Dates

Wed 12th Jun 2024 10am-1pm
Wed 13th Nov 2024 10am-1pm

Shaista Aziz

Shauneen Lambe

SMK Associate 

This workshop is led by SMK Associate and barrister, Shauneen Lambe who is dedicated to using the law as a tool for social justice.  

Read more about Shauneen here

What participants say:

Siana Bangura

Siana Bangura

Writer, Producer & Campaigner (Freelance)

”The workshop on Law was hugely inspiring, especially because the person who facilitated it is a working lawyer and she showed us examples from her work and very deeply moving stories of pursuing justice and accountability. At this stage of my life, that’s the type of impact I want to have – very real, very tangible, deep, and lasting.”

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