Celebrating the best change-makers and the most successful campaigns

Each year, SMK celebrates the best campaigns and campaignersOur interest is in finding those who have made change happen – most effectively, creatively and courageously. 

That change might be in law or policy; it might be in attitudes, social norms or behaviour; it could be in how services are providedor in the protection of a service or asset. A campaign could be aimed at righting a wrong, or holding a body to account. Entries can be local or national. And they might be nominating an individual, a movement, an organisation or a coalition. 

What all entries will have in common is the determination to secure a specific change that will make things better  whether for an individual, a local neighbourhood or for every single one of us. 


Put on your glad rags, everyone’s invited! 

The SMK Campaigner Awards is an opportunity for the campaign community to come togetherWe believe that, especially through the pandemic, it’s crucial that we continue to recognise and celebrate the amazing campaigns, people, and teams who have worked so hard to make change happen. 

In 2020, we streamed the Awards on YouTube which meant everyone could join in. Over 1,600 of you did making the 2020 SMK National Campaigner Awards the biggest yet. Watch it here.

For 2021, we’ll be doing the same on Thursday 13th May 2021 at 4pm. Hope you can join us for a really uplifting and inspiring hour. To keep up to date with the Awards make sure you have subscribed to our e-newsletter below. 

A big thank you to Brand Ethos for all the design support for this year’s Awards. Your in-kind sponsorship is making all the difference. And we are thrilled to be working with our video production and streaming partner Voytek again this year. 

2021 Award Categories

View our nine fantastic categories below, including our new Campaigner of the Year award.

Long-term Achievement Award

To recognise the work and contribution of an exceptional individual who has campaigned over a long period of time.


This category is currently still available for sponsorship. For information about sponsorship opportunities please email emma.boyd@smk.org.uk




Best Consumer Campaign

To recognise campaigns that successfully challenge poor or unfair consumer practice, or which successfully promote or strengthen consumer rights and protection.


Sponsored by Which?


A charity that offers free consumer advice and campaigns for fairer practices.


Best Coalition

This award recognises campaigns led by multiple partners in ways which are creative, respectful and genuinely collaborative.

Sponsored by Frederick Mulder Foundation

Sponsored by Frederick Mulder Foundation

A grant-making trust focused on addressing social change, the persistence of global poverty and the threat of climate change.

Best Use of Law

Celebrating a campaign that has successfully used the law to drive change – whether using existing legislation to leverage rights and protections or using strategic litigation to strengthen existing or create new legislation.

Amplifying Unheard Voices

This Award recognises campaigns either led by or that give voice and profile to those groups who are least heard.

Sponsored by John Ellerman Foundation

Sponsored by John Ellerman Foundation

An independent grant making foundation supporting charities that make a difference to people, society and the natural world.


Best Community Campaign

This Award celebrates a successful campaign that has taken place at a local community level. It could be led by one or many but will have led to a change that benefits all of or a significant portion of the local community.

Sponsored by Lloyds Bank Foundation

Sponsored by Lloyds Bank Foundation

An independent charitable trust funded by the profits of Lloyds Banking Group that partner with small and local charities that are helping people overcome complex social issues such as mental health, homelessness and domestic abuse.


David & Goliath

This Award is all about the little guys. It celebrates individuals or small campaign groups that take on much bigger organisations and challenge vested power.

Sponsored by Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust

	Sponsored by Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust (Need to add in logo) Seek to bring about significant changes in the political system, making it more accountable, democratic and transparent and to rebalance power for the well-being of society. www.jrrt.org.uk

Seek to bring about significant changes in the political system, making it more accountable, democratic and transparent and to rebalance power for the well-being of society.


Young Campaigner Award

Celebrating campaigns instigated, delivered and led by a person or people under the age of 30.

Sponsored by The Blagrave Trust

Sponsored by The Blagrave Trust

A mission to bring lasting change to the lives of young people aged 14-25 who are facing significant challenges, to enable them to make a positive transition to adulthood.


Campaigner of the Year

This Award recognises and celebrates a change maker, campaigner, agitator or disruptor who has demonstrated a significant commitment to social change,  locally or nationally.


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