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Making social change happen is rarely easy. The world around us changes. Tools and tactics evolve. Attitudes inside and outside our organisations shift. We bring our understanding of social change, our unique tools, and years of experience as campaigners, to offer a range of expert consultancy that will help you do just that.

If your business is change – through transformational service delivery, shifting attitudes, community building or influencing policy – we will help you to interrogate your practice, culture and tactics.

We now offer much of our support online, so we can work with you safely during the COVID-19 emergency.

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To help us understand how we can help you better achieve change, please complete our consultancy form and return it to [email protected]. To download the form, please click the button below.

Wherever you are on your campaigning journey, we can help. 

Now, more than ever, we need to reconnect with our missions and explore how to do things differently.

Our unique analysis of social change and the potential for power in civil society (which we call Social Power) will help you to interrogate your practice, culture and tactics. Using our years of experience as campaigners and change-makers, ongoing research and real-world applications of our findings, we can help you to achieve lasting and transformative change.

How our in-depth consultancy and support can help you  

Planning a specific campaign

A fresh view on the world and your change role

Together, we‘ll explore external trends and drivers, and the ecosystem in which you work, to refresh your approach to change.

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Planning a specific campaign

Make change a living part of your mission and culture

You’re committed to making change, but are you ready? We’ll help you develop and maintain a ‘changeready’ organisation. 

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Planning a specific campaign

Creating and winning campaigns

If you have already identified a clear goal, we’ll ensure you have a robust approach, the skills you need, and the right strategy to win.

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Case studies

Who we work with


If you have a role in creating social change, we want to work with you. From large charities to small community-based organisations, from trade unions to funders. We also work with companies who want to ensure that their contribution to social change is more than window-dressing.

Royal College of Nursing
Local Trust
Paul Hamlyn Foundation
London Youth

I’d highly recommend SMK to others – they understand campaigning organisations, they understand audiences and they understand how to help deliver change.”

Shaun Walsh
Head of Campaigning and Public Affairs, Cancer Research UK

The workshop was excellent and challenged my team to think about how they could be part of an effective change process and what they all could individually contribute.”

Andy Cowan
Business Director, Royal College of Nursing

This has been the most invigorating and inspiring piece of work I have done and I cannot speak highly enough of SMK and every member of staff or associate we have worked with. It’s been a real pleasure.”

Colin Dutton
Senior Participation Youth Worker, MAP

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