The story so far.

Power in civil society

A two-year inquiry

Over two years, the Power Project hosted conversations with change-makers and campaigners with diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experience. Some worked within charities and NGOs, while others worked outside the social sector, in their communities or in social movements. 

It’s All About Power

The Power Project calls for a new way of thinking about power, and action to build solidarity in social change.

As hosts of the project, our role was to convene different perspectives and make sense of what we heard. We did this by: 

Working with a Core Learning Group




Convening a Community of Practice



Hosting workshops


Interviews and informal conversations



A literature review




Paying people




Who's involved?

Find out who’s already part of the conversation.

We welcome anyone interested in exploring power and acting to build solidarity in social change

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Helping you think differently about power.

Download resources from the guide, and find out what our community is reading, listening and watching to help build solidarity in social change

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