The Challenge:

It’s time to get serious
about power

There is a lively debate in the social sector around how to work with people with ‘lived’ or ‘first-hand’ experience. Organisations are asking important questions. How do we work better with people? Can we speak or act on behalf of others? How do we share our power? 

It’s All About Power

The Power Project calls for a new way of thinking about power, and action to build solidarity in social change.

Insights from the inquiry

Despite good intentions, organisations’ attempts to engage the people they work with too often fail. This makes it harder to work on the very problems they were set up to address. We heard: 

Many people do not find the social sector a welcoming or useful place through which to seek change.




Some choose to operate outside the social sector. They are not waiting for others to share power with them. 




Much of the most impactful change is being driven by and with people who have experience of poverty and inequality.


Despite concern in the social sector, examples of genuine partnership with people with experience of poverty and inequality are rare.



Even where the will exists, common approaches to working together often create as many problems as they solve.




Professionals’ perception of their own power doesn’t match the perception of others.




Who's involved?

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We welcome anyone interested in exploring power and acting to build solidarity in social change

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