by | Dec 5, 2023

Reflections from a rider: Maria Angeles

Great insights on SMK’s Campaign Carousel™ from participants reflecting on their learning journey. This week we hear from campaigner Maria Angeles.

‘I am getting a lot of knowledge that I then dive into in my own time and apply to my everyday work’’. 

I joined the Campaign Carousel™ thanks to a suggestion from a colleague.  I was keen to develop my campaigning skills and learn how our organisation can be more effective and methodical in how it engages people with our work. I have so far really enjoyed this programme! I feel in relatively short bursts, I am getting a lot of knowledge that I then dive into in my own time and apply to my every day work.

As a mum of a 4 year-old, I am terrified about climate change and the way we are destroying the planet. After almost twenty years of working as an engineering programme manager in technology, I decided it was time to put my energy into trying to change things and help create a future where my child can thrive.

I now volunteer with a community-based group trying to directly engage parents in how to reshape our planet for the better, both at a personal level and a systemic level.

My favourite Carousel workshops have been Communicating for Change and Digital Campaigning. I’ve used what I’ve learnt to create a more structured plan of communications and outreach in my work.  I’m also considering how to work with my target audiences more  strategically. I’ve been able to share this learning with others in my organisation. I am also building up my experience in order to be able to go back into working for a bigger organisation in a role that is closer to the action!

I definitely recommend the Campaign Carousel™ program and have really enjoyed meeting the team of facilitators who have tons of experience. I’ve also enjoyed meeting the lovely participants I have met who are working so hard to make a difference.

Maria Angeles

Maria Angeles is a campaigner.



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