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The basic building blocks for all campaigners

The four central online modules of The Campaign Carousel™ offer a grounding in the basics. They include: Introduction to campaigning and social change; Analysing the problem and planning for change; Communicating for change and Evaluation and measuring impact. These core elements will stand you in good stead whatever your campaigning interests or change goal.

You can spread most of these throughout the year but you must take the Introduction to Campaigning and Social Change course first.

All Carousel participants will also have the option to join an additional free 2-hour workshop the following day of their chosen Introduction to Campaigning and Social Change workshop. This extra session will allow participants to look in-depth at how they can embed the learning into their own campaigns.


Build you own workshop series

Then, you are invited to choose five topics from our varied selection of eight three-hour online workshops. These have been designed to offer you the flexibility to delve deeper into skills and topics that are of particular interest to you. Some are campaign disciplines, some explore emerging issues and some are about you and your confidence and well-being.


A campaigning community

During your year aboard the Campaign Carousel, you have the option of joining an on-going community with your fellow riders. You will be able to keep in regular contact, sharing experience and ideas, and supporting each other as you progress.


On-going coaching

Throughout the year, you will have access to two drop-in coaching sessions with the course director, Kathleen Christie. These will give you the chance to explore dilemmas and pick the brains of our experienced staff and Associates.


Associates & Partners

The Campaign Carousel™ is delivered by an extensive network of SMK Associates and partners, themselves some of the UK’s leading campaigners, organisations and commentators. Our Associates and partners support the delivery of our training according to their specific skills and experience. Check some of them out here.

April 19th 2022 start *sold out*

April 26th 2022 start 

September 2022 start

Please note: The Campaign Carousel runs on a progressive pricing model. Small organisations (with a turnover of under £500,000) pay £725 + VAT, mid-sized organisations (£500,000-£2m) pay £1,050 + VAT, and large organisations pay £1,500 + VAT. You can book using one of the links below or if you would like to speak to someone further, please email [email protected]

Watch SMK CEO Sue Tibballs tell you all you need to  know about the Campaign Carousel 

What they say

This has without a doubt been the best training course I have done.”

Training participant

Always clear and relevant – genuinely transformative for us as a team.”

Training participant

The programme was without a doubt, life-changing for me and my campaign.”

Training participant

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