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Exploring Instances of Social Change

Campaigners and change-makers told us they wanted to meet one another across boundaries of sector, issue or size. We set up The Change Network. It’s free and you are cordially invited to join!

Every two months, we’ll explore an instance of successful change and offer chances to connect with others. Join the network here.

Upcoming event

13 March 2019

Our next Change Network event will be exploring the huge success of the movement to pull investments from fossil fuel companies. The campaign is the fastest growing divestment campaign of it’s kind in history, starting in the US and spreading around the world with the support of and many partners. It's been massively successful here in the UK - to date 50% of universities & 13 local authorities have pledged to divest. Billions have been shifted to cleaner investments globally and oil companies have started to panic about the damage caused to their reputations.

At the event we'll explore how this campaign has broken down the complex problem of climate change into something tangible that people all over the UK can work on in small groups - and how organisations have supported this local activity, coordinating where needed to maximise impact. We'll ask how they did it, explore the many challenges and pull out learnings for other campaigns. We'll also be exploring the connected campaigns against oil companies sponsoring cultural institutions and the creative activism of groups like BP or not BP.

We'll be joined by:

Ellen Gibson -
Ellen is a very experienced environmental campaigner. She works for 350, coordinating the divestment network aimed at local authorities, but will also be able to speak about wider national and international divestment work (as this is a global campaign for 350).

Sakina Sheikh - Platform & Lewisham Labour councillor
Sakina has been working on what she calls the ‘inside track' on divestment for the past 3 years; building up a Councillor network across London so that Cllrs have a space to build political courage and support one another on divestment etc. More recently she has been working with LGPS on the reinvestment side of the divest conversation. Sakina also works for Platform.

Chris Garrard - BP or Not BP; Culture Unstained
Chris is a campaigner and composer who has been involved in creative performative interventions targeting fossil fuel sponsorship of cultural institutions since 2012, with groups such as BP or not BP? and Shell Out Sounds. He is the Co-director of Culture Unstained, a campaigns and research organisation dedicated to ending fossil fuel sponsorship of cultural organisations. While this ‘cultural divestment’ from oil sponsorship is distinct from other forms of divestment, both campaigns are part of a larger movement focusing on cutting financial ties as a way of challenging the reputation and social legitimacy of the fossil fuel industry.

Limited tickets available. The event will take place at The Foundry, 17 Oval Way, Vauxhall, London, SE11 5RR

Previous events

31 January 2019

Join fellow campaigners and change-makers, from organisations large and small, to explore an instance of social change. How did it happen? What did it look and feel like from the inside? Who needed to be involved?

This month we’ll be hearing about the Campaign to Save the Joiners Arms in Bethnal Green. So far, it has secured a landmark planning decision by Tower Hamlets Council to protect and, crucially, financially support the LGBTQ venue, which was under threat from development.

We’ll be joined by:

  • Dwayne Clarke (The Joiners Lives On)
  • Liam Barrington-Bush (community organiser)
  • John Pierce (local councillor)
  • How was social power built, deployed and developed? What were the critical moments of change? What happens now?

    Following the conversation, there will be a chance for questions from the audience, followed by refreshments and networking.

    15 November 2018

    Our inaugural event looked at the fight for equal marriage, with Peter Tatchell and others who were at the heart of the struggle for many years.

    Social Power Podcast

    This podcast is from our first Change Network event and features Peter Tatchell who coordinated the Equal Love campaign, Benjamin Cohen of Pink News and Lib Dem peer Liz Barker.

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