Power Sharing Project

The Power Sharing Project asks one central question: What would it look like if civil society in London was better at sharing power in pursuit of social change? 

A Cornerstone funded project hosted by the Sheila McKechnie Foundation 2019-2021

In the Social Change Project we asked how change happens. Now we’re asking ‘who drives change?’

Everyone’s capacity to influencing change is affected by their access to power and resource. The Power Sharing Project sets out to envisage how civil society in London might better share resources and power to drive change. The project has a local focus on poverty and inequality in London – England’s most unequal city. 

What are our plans?

At SMK we see ourselves as the curators or hosts of the conversation, which will be open, collaborative and diverse. It will be a learning experience for everyone involved. And we won’t be silent and then emerge with one final mega-report. Throughout the project we’ll publish and share what we are hearing and learning.

We’ll work with the community of practice in a range of inclusive ways, including convening discussions, hosting roundtables, conducting interviews, reviewing literature, visiting and shadowing civil society groups and organisations.

The Power Sharing Project has three phases

Phase One: We’ll ask how resource and power affect people’s ability to drive social change, and identify some ‘burning issues’ that civil society at large can address. (Spring and Summer 2020) 

Phase Two: Using insights from Phase One, we’ll ask ‘what does civil society at large need to do to make sure power is better shared?’ How can both ‘lived’ and ‘learned’ experience work meaningfully together to drive social change? What are the practical steps to get there? (From Summer 2020) 

Phase three: Based on learning from earlier phases, we’ll ask ‘how could this strengthen one particular social change goal (such as decent, affordable rented housing, or food poverty in London)?’ We’ll ask what all of Phase One and Phase Two learnings mean in practice in this deep dive enquiry. (From January 2021)

The Power Sharing Project is funded by

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