Sue Tibballs: Campaign heroes bring value beyond measure

Ask a random person in the street what they think campaigning is and they might point to the recent Youth Strike for Climate. Or perhaps they might talk about some of the bigger charity campaigns on child poverty, housing or health.

Baroness Barker, Benjamin Cohen, Peter Tatchell

What happened at our first ever Change Network?

During our research for the Social Change Project people told us again and again that they wanted more opportunities to get together with other change-makers to explore how change happens. The Change Network was born and our first ever event was held on 15 November 2018.

Is this strategy really just an act of seduction?

The relationship between government and civil society has not been good for some years. We have been through fair amounts of conflict and betrayal, and neither party is entirely blameless. Reconciliation is desperately needed, so can we find a way forward? The new Civil Society Strategy seems like a well-timed intervention.

Do you have to be loud to speak up for your cause?

The Social Power report is the culmination of SMK’s long investigation to discover how change happens. Anyone who is serious about achieving genuine change in the world should take a look.

Top 10 Campaigning Tips: Insights from an ex-civil servant

Having previously been a civil society advocate and campaigner, I often wondered what the most successful tactics were to influence policymakers. I then took up a job in the civil service in environmental policy, and for the past few years I had the opportunity to see what civil society advocacy looks like from the ‘other