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Civil Society and Covid-19

“Neighbourhoods are the cells which keep society whole. We are threatened with infections, from outside and from within; our powers of resistance and eventual recovery depend largely on whether these neighbourhood cells are healthy or beginning to decay.”  Tony Gibson, Counterweight: the Neighbourhood Option (1984) This quote from nearly forty years ago is spookily apt.

Barnwood Trust

You already have this: unlocking confidence in an emerging social influencing team

Barnwood Trust is a Gloucestershire-based organisation championing disabled people and people with mental health challenges. They commissioned SMK to help develop their influencing programme. An initial workshop with the senior management team (SMT) allowed us to listen to Barnwood Trust’s influencing journey so far.  Social influencing was agreed as the best way achieve large-scale impact,

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Trust isn’t a popularity test

Like many long-established institutions, the charity sector has struggled to find its feet in the accelerating roil of political debate.

We need to reward civility in politics

The tone of debate these days is markedly disrespectful, which is why the Depolarization Project’s Civility in Politics awards are a welcome innovation