by | Jul 19, 2023

Unleash your inner activist

In a world that yearns for positive transformation, campaigners are often the driving force for social progress. If you’re ready to unleash your inner activist and make a real difference in the world, SMK is here to support you.

Develop your skills
The Campaign Carousel™ training programme is the perfect space to learn and refine the basic skills needed for change making. From crafting effective strategies and persuasive messaging, to influencing parliament and dodging burnout, it equips you as riders with all the approaches you need to make an impact. One recent participant said ‘’[the Carousel] provided me with a ton of useful tools and frameworks for thinking about campaigns, being creative and solving problems.’’ Get ready to level-up your advocacy game!

Connect with your tribe
Who doesn’t love being part of a like-minded community? During the Carousel, you’ll connect and collaborate online with fellow campaigners who share your passion for change. The Carousel offers you as riders the unique opportunity to join a vibrant community, where you can exchange ideas, share experiences, and receive support from peers who are on the same individuals journey. One participant described coming away feeling “empowered and understood’’.

Unleash your inner leader
Leadership is a critical attribute for change makers –could you be the one that inspires others to support a cause? Through topics such as local influencing, community organising and movement building, the Carousel will help you foster effective decision-making skills that ignite and mobilise others. During the programme, you’ll learn to lead with integrity, enhance your ability to catalyse change, and make tough decisions with increased confidence. One participant said ‘’I approached my newest campaign with a more confident outlook. SMK helped a great deal.’’

Amplify your impact
Let’s talk about cutting through the noise. In the digital age, campaigns need to be more innovative than ever to get noticed. The Carousel helps you work across digital platforms, harnessing the power of social media, to reach a wider audience. Through our digital campaigning workshop, you’ll learn to amplify your impact like never before! One participant said ‘’[the facilitator] totally demystified digital campaigning by highlighting that it is not about shiny whizzy technical skills, it is all about the basics of campaign strategy and working out where digital tools can support your actions.’’

There you have it – the Carousel really can unlock your full change making potential!  Watch our latest video five reasons to join SMK’s Campaign Carousel programme. Book now and join a diverse network of campaigners and change-makers here.

Megan Poyiadzis

Events and Programmes Manager at SMK.



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