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Anthea Lawson

Talking about power and solidarity in social change

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The Power Project heard that, despite a genuine desire in the sector to create more equitable ways of working, many attempts are experienced as tokenistic or even exploitative. People are rejecting the social sector as a place through which to seek change – a loss for all of us because it reduces our collective strength.   

Trying to drive change on behalf of others isn’t working. Learning to work together, in active solidarity, is a critical challenge – particularly for the social sector – and we think understanding power can help.    

We want our new guide, It’s All About Power, to start conversations about how to shift the way we all think, work and campaign. This will help civil society to become far more than the sum of its parts – and unleash our power to create change.  

We would love you to join us and be part of the conversation.  

Lunchtime briefing: Wednesday 30th March | 13:00-14:00 |Free 

Join us, and others involved in the project so far, to hear more about the ideas and tools in It’s All About Power, and what it means to put them into practice for solidarity in social change.  

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Participatory workshop: Tuesday 19th April | 10:00-13:00| Free

We are challenging the social sector to embrace a new way of thinking about power to create deeper solidarity for social change. It’s All About Power, is designed to start conversations that will create the conditions, within each organisation, for more equitable relationships to flourish with people who profoundly understand the consequences of inequality and its potential solutions.  

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer, so there’s no checklist. Participants in this three-hour participatory workshop will: 

  • Hear from us, and others involved, about the Power Project so far 
  • Learn more about the ideas and tools in our new guide, It’s All About Power  
  • Explore together what it means to start putting those ideas into practice in your work – to shift unconscious behaviours, organisational cultures and structures, policies and decision-making, and how resources are used. 

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