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Every year we publish a snapshot of what the world is like for campaigners and change-makers.

Our fourth survey was the biggest yet. Nearly 200 change-makers, from organisations big and small, shared their views about the environment for campaigning.

2019 Campaigners Survey results

Our Annual Campaigner Survey helps us speak up more powerfully for change-makers in the UK.

What does the 2019 Campaigner Survey tell us?

Civil society organisations are starting to be more confident about campaigning.
After years of feeling the ‘chilling effect’ of legislation and media narratives, nearly a third said things have got better for campaigning in the last year. Though 87% still say that the legitimacy of campaigning is under threat.

But public and political attitudes are at odds.
48% believe that public attitudes to campaigning have become more positive in the past year, but they report increasingly negative attitudes amongst politicians (45%) and the media (41%).

What is helping?
More public action through movements like XR and #MeToo, and the passionate public debate around Brexit. More cross-sector collaboration. Clearer Lobbying Act guidance.

What’s not?
Political upheaval and Brexit. Polarisation of UK society. Dismissal of evidence-based policy-making. Desire not to ‘rock the boat’ while funding is scarce.

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