by | Mar 11, 2022

Voices from the Power Project: Lucie Russell

Lucie Russell

Lucie Russell

Lucie Russell is CEO of StreetDoctors, a movement of young healthcare volunteers who train young people affected by violence in how to save lives and increase their understanding of the consequences of violence. Lucie’s career began as a youth worker and then a social worker, after which she co-founded The Big Issue and launched The Big Issue Foundation. She then started SmartJustice, a national campaign based at the Prison Reform Trust, and was Director of Campaigns at YoungMinds, as well as developing the Fair By Design campaign based at the Barrow Cadbury Trust. Lucie is a trustee of Redthread and Criminal Justice Alliance.

The Power Project’s Core Learning Group is a small group of individuals who have helped guide the project and challenged and extended our thinking.

The Power Project is all about how do we meaningfully include those who lack power in decisions that affect them… my journey has been humbling, it’s taught me to really listen, to check my power in my work and in life generally…. This is challenging, really challenging, but this is real and it will make you question everything. But isn’t that what real change is actually about?

Lucie Russell

Lucie Russell is the CEO of StreetDoctor and a member of the Power Project’s Core Learning Group.

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