by | Mar 11, 2022

Voices from the Power Project: Alice Smith

Alice Smith is a transformational expert. Her award winning 361 Recovery programme for women empowers UK survivors with the benefits of an exceptional, emotional education. In lockdown, Alice founded 361 Life Support, a 100% user-led organisation that challenges current political thinking by asking society – victim, survivor, what lies beyond? 

The Power Project’s Core Learning Group is a small group of individuals who have helped guide the project and challenged and extended our thinking.

Read Alice’s blog on the Power Project called Belonging here > 

‘One of the things that I found really thought provoking was talking about different sorts of power. I can now spot the markers and patterns that we’ve discussed and can begin to see how power systems work in the real world. While it’s led to a great deal of frustration, it’s also meant that I can begin to see how to dismantle them.’

Alice Smith
Alice Smith is a teacher, writer, mother and optimist. She is the founder of 361 Life Support, a 100% survivor led organisation committed to providing emotional education to survivors and society as a whole. Together we ask - victim, survivor, what lies beyond? More information at Alice is a member of the Power Project’s Core Learning Group.

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