Social media to win campaigns for young campaigners

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This is a free social media workshop for young people aged between 18-25 years. It’s aimed at those who are already campaigning online but looking for new ideas, or those who are new and wanting to learn more.

You will leave this interactive workshop with a practical plan full of social content ideas you can use.

The priories of people, press and politicians change daily, and to stay relevant, so must the social media content we put out. In this fast-paced creative brainstorm, you will learn how to quickly come up with content to win campaigns and build your movement. You will work with others to develop ideas and come away with plans to produce them.

As a team of campaigners you will work together to develop 50-100 ideas for high performing pieces of social content using the ‘TAACO’ criteria approach.

3 things you will do in this workshop:

  • Consider how to successfully reach different key audiences across various social media platforms
  • Learn how to quickly come up with high performing pieces of social media content
  • Develop social media content for your campaigns using the ‘TAACO’ approach

Supported by The Blagrave Trust


Workshop Dates

Wed 28 Feb 10am-1pm



India Thorogood

SMK Associate  This workshop will be led by SMK Associate, India Thorogood, a social media expert who brings a decade of experience using people power to create change.  Read more about India here.

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