Social Power Podcast

Our latest Social Power podcasts feature live recordings from our Change Network events. We bring people together to explore instances of change. How did it feel? What did it look like? What can we learn?

Extinction Rebellion (XR) say we are in a climate emergency, and that the authorities have failed to respond adequately. Founded only in 2018, it is now a global mass movement. So what role does XR play in the wider environmental movement? Despite being a mass movement, is XR really inclusive? And what can other change makers learn from how quickly XR has shifted the dial?

In this special edition of Social Power, recorded right in the midst of the ‘October Uprising,’ we speak to protesters blocking roads in central London, and discuss the movement with Chloe Coradetti from XR, Rashid Nix, a community activist and member of the Green Party, and Alasdair Roxborough from Friends of the Earth.

This podcast from our special extended Change Network features Deidre Duffy, Dr Claire Brophy and Rachel Lavin to share their experiences of the story of a referendum that united a nation, after decades of discord on women’s rights.

This podcast from our third Change Network features Ellen Gibson, the UK Divestment Network Coordinator with, Sakina Sheikh, a local councillor and divestment campaigner with Platform and Chris Garrard, a composer and Co-Director of Culture Unstained.

This podcast from our second Change Network features Dwayne Clark, who was involved in the project, John Pierce a local Councillor in the Joiner’s Arms’ neighbourhood and Liam Barrington-Bush, a community organiser.

This podcast is from our first Change Network event and features Peter Tatchell who coordinated the Equal Love campaign, Benjamin Cohen of Pink News and Lib Dem peer Liz Barker.

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