The Social Power Report

In our first report, we urge civil society to unleash its ‘social power’ by being much bolder and braver.

We spoke to around 400 change-makers and campaigners – individuals, grassroots organisations, and major charities. We asked:

What can we learn about how social change is happening today that can strengthen civil society’s future efforts?

Despite their differences, we found remarkable similarities in their experience of making change. We believe that, where civil society is working well across all parts of the change eco-system it can unleash immense ‘social power’. That means thinking about innovative support, community organising, mass communication, lobbying decision-makers – and all points in between.

No one organisation can do it alone – Social Power is also a call to collaborate, share success and support allies. It includes findings from conversations with our Community of Practice, recommendations for civil society, politicians and funders, and tools to help you in your own work.

The Social Power report: how are you using it?

We’ve been keeping track of how campaigners and change-makers are using the findings of the Social Power report. We’d love to know if you’ve used any of the tools or findings in your own work. Please drop us a line.


We have created bite-size summaries of tools from the Social Power report. They are handy introductions to the Social Power Grid and The 12 Habits of Successful Change-Makers.


Curious about change? The Change Network is a chance to explore change, expand your understanding, and connect with other change-makers. Meet people working on different issues, in different places, using different approaches. 

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