The Social Power report

The Social Change Project has sought to answer one critical question: what can we learn about how social change is happening today that can strengthen civil society’s future efforts? In this first report it urges civil society to unleash its ‘social power’ by being much bolder and braver.

Key Findings

  • Civil society is at the centre of much significant change; it reaches people and goes to places the state finds difficult
  • At best, civil society drives truly transformational change – unlocking resources, getting upstream of problems, transforming lives and sharing power
  • Civil society holds the keys to tackling some of society’s most pressing challenges – from knife crime to climate change – a potential we have called ‘social power’
  • This power is being constrained, both within the sector and externally: by organisational cultures, by government policies, and by political analysis of civil society’s ‘proper place’
  • It includes recommendations for senior leaders, funders and government to help realise civil society’s full social power.

Social Power Bite-Size

We have created bite-size summaries of tools from the Social Power report. They are handy introductions to the Social Power Grid and The 12 Habits of Successful Change-Makers.

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