by | Jul 6, 2022

Pregnant Then Screwed

Since the GAS panel, Pregnant then Screwed have grown exponentially and are now one of the biggest charities that supports women with lived experience of pregnancy and maternity discrimination.

Since receiving the grant, they have achieved an enormous amount in terms of their campaigning work and delivery of their services.  The money helped them produce four videos about pregnancy and maternity discrimination – which were viewed thousands of times online.

The grant also enabled them to hold their first board meeting, and their first meeting with volunteers. Impact since 2018 includes, providing tailored support to over 81,000 women; helping women secure £628,000 through legal action against an employer following an experience of pregnancy or maternity discrimination; and they took legal action against the Government for indirect sex discrimination, and in the Court of Appeal, they proved that the Government discriminated against new mums in the calculation method for the self-employed income support scheme.

Awarded year: 2018

Amount: £4787

Emma Boyd

Emma Boyd is the Head of Marketing and Communications at SMK



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