Kimberly Garande – Trustee

Kimberly was born in Zimbabwe and migrated to the UK aged 9.  She applied for student finance in 2015 and realised that her immigration status became the barrier to going to university because it meant she wasn’t eligible for a student loan. In the same year, Kimberly attended a Leadership Academy, which provided support and importantly awareness that she was not alone.

Her university studies began in 2018, alongside gaining work experience as a Culturosity Facilitator; promoting youth development through creative learning of equality and diversity principles. After graduating, Kimberly embarked on an internship at a care association.

Moving onto pastures new, she began her role as Outreach Officer at We Belong in October 2019; building on her experiences. Kimberly is dedicated to changing how society relates to marginalised groups. She recognises the importance of young people seeking out opportunities for further development and challenging societal constraints.

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