Cecilie Hestbæk – Trustee

For the past three years Cecilie has worked for the think tank and consultancy, New Philanthropy Capital where she designs, plans and manages a range of complex research and consulting projects to improve the social impact of non-profits. As part of her role at NPC, Cecilie leads on consultancy proposals and manages the UK-wide programme, Inspiring Impact, which aims to improve impact practice- the way organisations use evaluation and evidence—in the voluntary sector.

Cecilie has served as a trustee of several campaigning organisations and was a student board member of one of the largest trade unions in Denmark, where she ensured that the introduction of a minimum wage for student internships was on the agenda at the national tri–‐partite negotiations. For the past two years Cecilie has focussed on political campaigning as an activist in the Green Party.

KarenCecilie Hestbæk