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Next witness! Hear the evidence on change-making and the law

Here are some podcast episodes we think offer great insight into the different ways that the law and social change relate.  

The Hearing – A Legal Podcast, Episode: Joeli Brearley (Pregnant Then Screwed)

In this episode, we hear from Joeli Brearley, CEO of Pregnant Then Screwed, an organisation that provides support for women who have faced maternity or pregnancy discrimination. She tells the story of what motivated her to found the organisation and what keeps her going. It’s notable for discussing the emotional, personal and practical aspects of legal campaigning.

Joeli and Yasmin discuss the legal work Pregnant Then Screwed do, such as providing free advice to women facing pregnancy/maternity employment discrimination, and how employers can support maternity equality. The episode also looks at some of the current campaigns they are running, such as #GiveMeSix which aims to increase the three-month limit for employment tribunals.

Finally, they touch on the recent legal challenge Pregnant Then Screwed brought in relation to the Government’s Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, which they argue is discriminatory. Overall, a great episode to learn more about the many different ways in which groups can utilise the law.

Law in Action, Episode: Facial Recognition Technology

Law in Action is Radio 4’s legal magazine. Presented by Joshua Rozenberg, it features accessible discussions and analysis of legal stories, so is a great one to follow regularly if you want to absorb the latest developments.

In this episode, an eye-opening discussion about the emerging use of facial recognition technologies by police forces. Panellists explore the impact they are having on our civil liberties, and ask how effective they really are at helping police narrow down suspects. Does their use contravene the Human Rights Act? Or should we embrace new tools if they enable police to protect the public? A lively and interesting discussion, which provides a good oversight of the key issues.

Law Pod UK, Episode: Death and Dying in the age of Covid-19 – Sarah Wootton and Lloyd Riley

Law Pod UK is hosted by barristers from the 1 Crown Office Row chambers and covers developments in both civil and public law.

In this episode, we hear from Sarah Wootton and Lloyd Riley from Dignity in Dying and authors of the book ‘Last Rights: The Case for Assisted Dying’. They discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, where many sought to die at home with family, rather than isolated in hospital. These challenging circumstances have brought to the fore the need to rethink and reform dying in the UK. They explore the nuances between assisted dying and assisted suicide and delve into touching stories of people who have been pushed to take drastic measures in order to take control of their own deaths. Giving an insight into the issues with the law as it stands, Wooton and Riley say that with opinions in the medical profession shifting, so too should the law.

If you’d like to understand more about how campaigners can use legal tools, our Open Training programme includes a practical half-day event on Using the Legal System to Achieve Change.

Amy Gibbs

Amy Gibbs is a second year law student and was on a paid internship with SMK in 2021.



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