Social Power Network for Scotland

Investigating how change is happening 

What is the ambition? 

Civil society in Scotland is already driving significant social change  in individual lives, communities, and in society as a whole. At SMK we call this ‘social power and our mission is to help you unleash it.

With support from the CORRA Foundation, we are creating a new network of change-makers from right across civil society in Scotland – one designed by the people who will use it. Our purpose will be to boost our collective confidence and capability to drive change.  

Our hunch is that, whether you are working to turn an individual life around or changing national policy, there is value in coming together to share what you know. We believe that, whether the issue is street homelessness, discrimination, or climate change, we can learn from each other about what’s working and find points of connection. To have maximum impact, the network will work alongside other projects like the Social Action Inquiry. 

In the first stage, SMK will convene some on-line workshops in order to shape a network of people who share a goal of strengthening change-makers voices and social power in Scotland.  

What happens next?

The new network will initially run for six months, hopefully growing as we go, at which point we’ll evaluate whether and how it might be sustained.  To find out more or get involved please email [email protected] and put ‘Scotland Network’ in the subject heading. 

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