Campaigner Survey 2018

In 2018, half of the campaigners we surveyed told us that the campaigning climate has deteriorated. They said the top three factors threatening the legitimacy of campaigning are:

  • negative media coverage of civil society
  • the Lobbying Act and its regulation
  • conditions of public funding that ban campaigning activities.

But there are signs that change-makers are recovering their voice and confidence. A third say they have started campaigning more over the past three years, while 28% report taking a more robust tone.

  • 93% said that campaigning by the VCSE sector is under threat
  • 66% said negative media coverage is a threat to the legitimacy of campaigning
  • 64% cited The Lobbying Act and its regulation as a threat
  • 62% identified conditions of public funding that prevent lobbying, campaigning or advocacy as a threat
  • 55% said that greater caution among Senior Managers and Trustees also threatens the legitimacy of campaigning
KarenCampaigner Survey 2018