Sue Tibballs

Sue Tibballs

Sue Tibballs is a campaigner, strategist and commentator who has worked at the forefront of the social change sector for over twenty years.

a road with flats and cars in the UK

Civil Society and Covid-19

“Neighbourhoods are the cells which keep society whole. We are threatened with infections, from outside and from within; our powers of resistance and eventual recovery depend largely on whether these neighbourhood cells are healthy or beginning to decay.”  Tony Gibson, Counterweight: the Neighbourhood Option (1984) This quote from nearly forty years ago is spookily apt.

We need to reward civility in politics

The tone of debate these days is markedly disrespectful, which is why the Depolarization Project’s Civility in Politics awards are a welcome innovation

Sue Tibballs: Campaign heroes bring value beyond measure

Ask a random person in the street what they think campaigning is and they might point to the recent Youth Strike for Climate. Or perhaps they might talk about some of the bigger charity campaigns on child poverty, housing or health.

Is this strategy really just an act of seduction?

The relationship between government and civil society has not been good for some years. We have been through fair amounts of conflict and betrayal, and neither party is entirely blameless. Reconciliation is desperately needed, so can we find a way forward? The new Civil Society Strategy seems like a well-timed intervention.

It’s time to hand more power to the people

The scale and ubiquity of mass and social media have boomed over the past 30 years. We can connect with like-minded people on the other side of the planet, share our personal stories with millions and break a global news story from our phones. Yet civil society hasn’t really cracked a way in which to

Is the Lobbying Act working against people’s democratic participation?

At a recent forum of civil society and business, Matthew Hancock, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, told charities “I want to see civil society recover its confidence to speak into our public life, you have the right to campaign, to persuade the public, and to press for change in the systems