Thought Leadership

A leading voice for campaigners and change-makers

The Sheila McKechnie Foundation works to ensure the environment for campaigning is supportive and undertakes research and thought leadership to strengthen future efforts. We do this work with others convening a community of practitioners and interested others. Please join us if you’d like to be part of this work.

The Social Change Project

The Social Change Project is a 15 month initiative led by SMK. If you have an interest in civil society and social change, join us to address the one question we should be constantly asking: how do you truly create change?

The Lobbying Act

How the Lobbying Act is affecting charity and voluntary sector campaigning in the UK.

Protecting the Space to Campaign

We challenge laws, policies and regulations that diminish people’s ability to make their voice heard. We regularly respond to consultations, pro-actively comment on policy announcements and take part in various sectoral bodies and networks.

Giving Voice to the Campaign Community

We launched this annual survey last year to help us speak up more powerfully for campaigners and change-makers. We were able to use last years’ results with great effect, using the data to reinforce the much-discussed “chilling effect” of various Government measures but also evidencing the degree of self-censorship going on in the sector.

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